João Luis Neto

João Luis Neto has a BSc (2008) and an MSc (2010) degree in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Sciences and the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences – University of Porto, where he studied migraine genetic susceptibility factors in the endothelin and synaptic vesicle pathways at UnIGENe/IBMC (Porto, Portugal). From 2012 to 2017 João was enrolled in the Graduate Program in Areas of Basic and Applied Biology (GABBA) at the University of Porto and worked at the Wheeler lab at the Center for Genomic Medicine/Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA, USA), where he was involved in projects focusing on the identification of factors influencing CAG repeat instability in HTT (the gene responsible for Huntington’s disease), through the use of large datasets, cell and animal models of the disorder. In 2018, João Neto joined the GBLab at the UK Dementia Research Institute/University College London (London, United Kingom) as a postdoctoral research associate to expand his work toward other neurological disorders and their genetic components. Currently, he is working at the JBarata lab at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (Lisboa, Portugal) as postdoctoral researcher (bioinformatics) in close collaboration with the Computational Multi-Omics lab at UCIBIO/Universidade Nova de Lisboa, on several projects related to signalling in cancer.


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