“You should RULE your money, Money shouldn't RULE your Life.” - Hyacil Han

Project Grants as PI:

  • OncoHIT – “Targeting Intra-Tumor heterogeneity as a promising therapeutic strategy for cancer” – FCT-MTES, Total and Unit Funding € 239,478. Ana Rita Grosso (PI) (2018-2021)
  • pseudoT – “Decoding pseudogene transcriptional regulation during cell differentiation” – FCT-MCTES, Total and Unit Funding: € 50,000. Ana Rita Grosso (PI) (2015-2019) 

Project Grants as partner:

  • ExtremeOceans – "Unravelling evolutionary physiology landscapes of coastal marine fauna under extreme temperatures using a multi-layer Systems Biology approach" – FCT-MCTES, Carolina Madeira (PI) (2021-2023)
  • "Harnessing comparative genomics to understand the role of horizontal acquired genes in the evolution of yeast metabolism" – FCT-MCTES,  Paula Gonçalves (PI) (2021-2023)
  • MARVEN – "The Portuguese biotechnological database for marine animal venoms and toxins" – Blue Fund, Pedro M. Costa (PI) (2019-2022)

Individual Grants/Fellowships:

  • Ana Rita Grosso – Individual FCT-MTES Grant for Stimulus of Scientific Employment (2019-2025)
  • Ana Rita Grosso – Investigador FCT (FCT-MTES, 2015-2019)