Cátia Gonçalves

My professional carrier started in the field of ecotoxicology, marine ecology and environmental monitorization, through the development of my M.Sc. thesis (2013) on the potential effects of contaminated sediments on benthic fish. As an Environmental Engineer, I joined both national and international projects about the ecotoxicological effects of microplastics in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, at organ and tissue levels. In 2018, I joined SeaTox Lab at UCIBIO/FCT-NOVA, where I expanded my knowledge on molecular biology, as well as continued to work in histopathology and related areas, through the participation in projects as GreenTech and WormALL. In 2020, I was awarded with a PhD grant from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia and started my PhD in Biotechnology at UCIBIO/FCT-NOVA, where I am exploring novel bioactive compounds through the study of toxins from cephalopods.