Ana Rita Grosso

Ana Rita Grosso gathered a Biology degree (FCUL, 2002), followed by a MSc in Bioinformatics (FCUL-IGC, 2006). Her multi-omics expertise in biomedical research was accomplished by gathering a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, under supervision of Simon Tavaré (Cambridge Univ., UK) and Maria Carmo-Fonseca (IMM/FMUL). Her PhD research unveiled the existence of splicing-factors expression signatures responsible by the tissue-specific regulation of alternative splicing. After obtaining the PhD in 2010, she did a first PostDoc with Maria Carmo-Fonseca (IMM/FMUL), followed by a second PostDoc with Sergio de Almeida (IMM/FMUL). Her PostDoc research disclosed new mechanisms of splicing and transcription dynamics.

Since 2015, Ana Rita has started her own research line where she identified chromatin alterations that interfere with transcriptional fidelity in cancer. In parallel, she has also stablished collaborations with different research groups to decipher transcriptomic/epigenomic alterations underlying a wide range of diseases. 

In 2018, Ana Rita Grosso moved to UCIBIO/FCT-NOVA to foster her scientific independence and consolidate her research group. Her main mission is to decipher pathological conditions using multi-omics approaches, identifying molecular events to be further used as biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Additionally, she has been teaching specialized MSc courses in Genomics and Computational Biology fields, namely: “Computational Biology in Biomedicine” for the MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from (FCUL, 2012-2015); “Bioinformatics” for the MSc in Oncobiology (FMUL, 2014-2016); “Molecular Genomics and Evolution” and “Bioinformatics in Biomedicine” for the MSc in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine (FCT-NOVA, 2018-onwards).





  • E-mail: argrosso [at]
  • Phone: +351 212948530 (Ext: 11114)
  • Office: 406, Departamento Ciências da Vida (FCT-NOVA)
  • Address: Departamento Ciências da Vida, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Campus de Caparica, 2829-516 Caparica, Portugal


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